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Your stories with Offroadsafari

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Jan Pulchart, HR Manager, eNovation s.r.o. Jan PulchartHR Manager, eNovation s.r.o.
"In 2013, when we were considering a company teambuilding event, I got the idea to include an off-road safari with Martin's guided tour in the programme. Although I am from the Most area and know about the potential this region has, I was a bit sceptical about whether my colleagues from the Prague headquarters would be impressed. However, when we were taken to the destination by a total of 11 all-terrain vehicles under Martin's supervision, we agreed with our colleagues that the off-road safari was probably the most interesting outdoor activity that our company has ever experienced since its founding."
Martin Kolčaba, Nomá Martin KolčabaNomá
A trip full of interesting information and locations in the company of a tour guide who obviously enjoys his work. Our programme lasted three days, and we’ll certainly be back for more!
Veronika Šimáčková, Owner of the Ateliér fotografické praxe photography studio Veronika ŠimáčkováOwner of the Ateliér fotografické praxe photography studio
"When I was preparing for the weekend off-road safari, I had no idea what to expect. I was prepared for unmanaged movement from location to location under the "supervision" of crazy off-road drivers. But to my surprise, the entire tour was very carefully planned, and for each location we received a surprisingly detailed and interesting presentation. Thanks to Martin Bareš, who collects bits of history from locals and other sources, I also learned information that cannot be found in history records. I highly recommend this experience."
Luboš Moravec, Operator of the website iTRAS Luboš MoravecOperator of the website iTRAS
"I set off with Barry on a weekend off-road safari of the surrounding area of Most and on an excursion directly to the centre of the Czechoslovak Army brown coal mine, which included a photography workshop by Honza Hodač. Barry has excellent knowledge of the development and history of the local region. He always comes up with incredible historical accounts from the locals and from historians, with whom he often speaks. He will teach you to see the positive sides of the intensively utilised Most region and will familiarise you with the outlook for the next decades and centuries - it truly seems that one day the Most Region will be a picturesque landscape with lakes and forests. I must also praise Barry for his well-prepared SUV, which gave the entire tour the right feel. Barry's approach suited me even from a personal point of view, and he was always kind and attentive to all of the participants. Based on my own experience, I am very pleased to recommend Barry, and I look forward to more of his tours in North Bohemia!"
Ľubica Toušová, Director of the Visio Art Gallery Ľubica ToušováDirector of the Visio Art Gallery
"I have already completed several perfectly prepared tours with Martin Bareš as a guide showing the North Bohemian industrial landscape. That certainly was not the last time, and I will be very pleased to participate again. I am impressed by his knowledge of history, the countryside, nature, architecture and technology. I enjoy these tours very much, and I always go home with a great amount of knew knowledge."
Romana Ondrůjová, Host Romana OndrůjováHost
A very well managed tour. Many thanks to Martin, the walking encyclopaedia of the Ore Mountains. If you want to experience comfort and discover the unknown, then I certainly recommend it!
Martin Bábík Andrea, Host Martin Bábík AndreaHost
I also recommend this activity to everyone in love. Offroadsafari took the two of us on a nice tour of the Central Bohemian Uplands, with champagne and topped off with a dinner at an excellent natural restaurant. A photographer also accompanied us throughout the evening and recorded the wonderful trip.