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Code of conduct

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We treat nature with respect and our guests with regard
  • Our aim is to reasonably use and protect cultural landscapes. We also seek to develop a positive relationship to nature among our guests and respect related values and co-creation of the spaces where we live and which we affect.
  • What we bring to the outdoors, we take away.
  • If possible, we also take away what does not belong in the outdoors.
  • We do not take away what belongs to nature or objects created by people. We take away knowledge, photos and experience. These are our main and permanent values.
  • We attempt to interpret facts, history and relationships in an unbiased manner, as best and as precisely as we know how.
  • Our role model for outdoor recreation is the organisation Tread Lightly.
  • We respect the Czech Code of Ethics of the CzechTourism Agency.