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About the project

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Tripadvisor travelers choice 2022
We host unusual 4x4 guided tours in the Czech Republic. Explore the real Czech countryside with us.

Get off the beaten track and explore the real Czech countryside with us: 

  • enjoy astonishing views
  • experience life on a local farm
  • taste local cuisine
  • talk to a local guide
  • drive through dazzling vineyards
  • see places you won’t find in travel books
  • admire ancient castles and churches
  • visit a huge coal mine


We do small groups of maximum of 7 people, usually there are 4. Every guest has an opportunity to talk to a guide, ask whatever interests them. 

All of our tours are easy going and physically undemanding, there's no walking or hiking (unless you want to) and we stop right by the points of interests

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